How to make children love gardening?

How to make children love gardening?

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Whether in an apartment or a house with a garden, gardening with children is a real pleasure that is both fun and educational.

A source of awakening, learning patience and respect and a pleasant time spent with the family, gardening with children offers many possibilities for activities.

But we still have to make children love gardening. A few little tips.

Seedlings indoors

This is an interesting idea because it will allow your little one to follow the evolution of its seeds. Indeed, as we know, children are not necessarily patient. Suddenly, making them wait to see the young shoots come out of the ground is a bit daring.

All you have to do is make your small seedling pots with simple recycled materials: your children will love it. Take yoghurt pots (or glass or earthenware pots, as desired), seeds of herbs (basil, parsley, etc.), a pen, fertilized potting soil and of course a small watering can.

Start by doing a painting activity with your child:

  • Take the jars (whether plastic, glass, or clay) and decorate them.
  • Once the pots are dry, you will fill them with potting soil with your child.
  • Remember to pack a little and moisten the soil.
  • Then, with the pen, you can make a hole 2 centimeters deep in each pot. You will place a few seeds there with your little one and then fill the holes together.
  • Water lightly and keep the soil slightly moist

Tell your little one that it would take no more than a few days for the basil (where the parsley or other) points the tip of his nose. You will see, every day your child will come to check.

And when the plant finally comes out, he will have become passionate about the garden!

Make the face of a man who grows

Always with the idea of ​​doing some fun gardening to get your child to cultivate their small vegetable patch or flower garden later, you might as well start slowly and playfully.

So take an old stocking (not pierced!).

  • With your child, slip in a good quantity of grass seeds that you will tamp down to the end of the foot with sawdust (you can also use potting soil)
  • Do not hesitate about the quantity: it is the sawdust that will allow you to give your guy the shape you want (the simplest being a mister potato; it does not require great sculpting skills).
  • Once done, tie a tight knot and cut off the rest of the bottom too.
  • Now is the time to personalize mister potato: use scissors, stickers, glue and whatever else you can get hold of to make him eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, etc. In short, let your imagination run wild!

You can now place Mr. Potato in a yogurt pot filled with water and put it in the sun. In a few days, Monsieur Potato will have plenty of hair!

  • Monsieur potato must always remain slightly damp for it to grow!

Good fun !

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