Baguenaudier: maintenance tips

Baguenaudier: maintenance tips

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The baguenaudier is a shrub with original flowers that is easy to maintain and grow.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Colutea arborescens
Family : fabaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary but light

: Obsolete
Flowering : Summer

In hedge or isolated it should perfectly find its place in your garden.

Planting the baguenaudier

The plantation of baguenaudier takes place preferably at spring but a plantation at theautumn is also possible.

  • The baguenaudier prefers sunny situations to flower well.
  • The addition of potting soil mixed with garden soil will promote the recovery of your baguenaudier.
  • Follow our advice for to plant a shrub well.

You can easily multiply the baguenaudier bylayering.

Size and maintenance of the Baguenaudier

No size is really essential.

If you want to reduce or balance, preferably wait until the end of flowering.

The maintenance and cultivation of this shrub are relatively easy while the culture of baguenaudier in pots is quite possible.

The baguenaudier grows rapidly.

To know about the baguenaudier

The baguenaudier is quite spectacular by the fruits it offers and its very original shape. Indeed, the fruits of the baguenaudier form pods of 5 to 7 cm approx, which swell before becoming translucent, taking on pretty red hues.

The leaves of the baguenaudier are deciduous.

Finally, the flowers form beautiful yellow-colored corollas that are very decorative in summer.

It will also be good in isolation or in a bed.

Smart tip about the baguenaudier

The baguenaudier adapts very well to urban air conditions, it is not very sensitive to pollution.

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