Kitchen gardens in kit… ready to eat!

Kitchen gardens in kit… ready to eat!

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A sheet of basil by there, a few oyster mushrooms or Cherry tomatoes this way… It is possible to taste these home-made pleasures of nature even when you live in an apartment.

These new city gardener kits are sprouting like mushrooms! Compact, practical, ready-to-use, fun, ecological and even sometimes organic, they allow you to grow tasty herbs and vegetables on a few square centimeters.

With your children, rediscover the magic of nature: sow (sometimes), display the kit well, water and / or spray ... In a few days, growth is rapid and the results are satisfactory.

Herbs, peppers and small vegetables ...

Some contain parsley, basil, thyme, chives, sage, rosemary ... Others, cherry tomatoes, radishes or even peppers, strawberries and celery. And why not, for a homemade herbal tea, chamomile, mint or lemon balm? So many possibilities to satisfy your desires to reconnect with nature.

The site offers a wide range of innovative kits such as the pack of chewable flowers, pack herbs and aromatics for cooking, herbs from Provence or even Spices and condiments, and even a tomatoes.

A polyester planter, all the turnkey equipment, and in a few easy steps for a novice, it works! ... In the manual, there are even some recipe ideas.

Mushrooms: a real spectacle

On, there is also a very decorative concept of the indoor vegetable garden for aromatics.

But the flagship products are the yellow, pink or gray oyster mushroom kits, really delicious and unmissable.

Even the mini-vaporizer is provided in the cardboard box ...

The Radis & Capucine brand also sells them, also allowing two harvests of oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms or shiitake!

To fry or in a salad, it's a treat.

Practical advice

These kits are also sold in garden centers or in certain concept stores for the home and garden. Finally, of course, you can also create your own personalized kit by buying a few scoops of aromatics or small vegetables for aperitif and transplanting them into My planter pot, the novelty Algoflash which avoids buying potting soil, a pot, clay balls for drainage… Everything is included in it, just open the cover, plant or sow and water.

In short, no need to have a green thumb or a garden ... Economical, gourmet and surprising, these kits are real mini-vegetable gardens to absolutely adopt in your kitchen, or even to offer!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: PretAPousser: © ClaireLelongLehoang, MonPotAPlanter: © Algoflash



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