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Muscari: pretty little flower

Muscari: pretty little flower

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Muscari, also known as cluster hyacinth, is a very decorative bulb flower.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Muscari
Family : Asparagaceae
Type: Spring bulb

: 15/20 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : March to May

The maintenance, from planting to flowering of Muscari in spring is easy and the decorative effect is guaranteed.

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Muscari planting

Planting muscari bulbs is an important step because, well done, it improves the flowering of grape hyacinths.

The best period to plant the muscari is autumn.

Arrange it in a large group to form beautiful spots of color.

  • You can vary the exposure in order to have spread blooms
  • Prefer sunny or partially shaded situations
  • Muscari is planted at a depth equal to 3 times that of the bulb
  • It is resistant to very low temperatures and even snow
  • Leaving the flowers in place, it reseeds itself spontaneously

Muscari in pot:

Growing muscari in pots is quite possible.

Follow the same advice as for classic planting, but fill the pot with potting soil for flowering plants.

Once flowering is complete, leave your grape hyacinths in their pot and only cut the foliage when it is completely wilted.

You can also put other bulbs in your pot such as tulips or some hyacinths.

Muscari maintenance

Muscari is a bulbous plant that does not require any special maintenance.

If you are growing your Muscari in pots, remember to water as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

A few actions will allow you to have a beautiful long-lasting flowering from year to year.

  • Cut the leaves only when they are completely wilted
  • Divide the bulbs every 3 to 4 years to regenerate the muscari
  • An amendment in the fall makes flowering more dense and abundant

Good to know about muscari

This small plant which is characterized by its small blue bell flowers is perfect for beds, borders, flower beds or rock gardens.

  • They form, when there are many, a very beautiful colorful carpet.
  • Plant well several dozen bulbs in one place and you will create the best effect.

The species often used in our gardens is the muscari from Armenia (muscari armeniacum) also called cluster hyacinth or mediterranean muscari (muscari comosum)

Depending on the species and variety of muscari, they can be 20 to 60 cm high but the most common are medium in size.

Potted muscari is often found in florists for indoor use as early as winter, but be aware that it is usually forced to flower earlier and is difficult to replant in the ground.

Smart tip about muscari

In the ground, there is no need to water, the muscari does not need it!

In pots, watering is necessary as soon as the soil is dry on the surface ...

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