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Scallops au gratin with nougat butter

Scallops au gratin with nougat butter

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Delicious recipe for a starter or a light dish with these scallops au gratin with nougat butter.

It is both original and delicious.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 120 g semi-salted butter
  • 25 g of parsley
  • 30 g lemon nougat
  • 60 g of parmesan powder
  • 20 nuts St-Jacques
  • 5 turns of the pepper mill

Scallops au gratin with nougat butter

Prepare the parmesan-parsley butter:

  • Take out the butter 20 minutes before using it. In a salad bowl, work the butter with a fork.
  • Wash, dry and chop the parsley.
  • Mix the nougat.

In a ramekin,

  • Combine the pepper, the mixed nougat and the Parmesan. Mix.
  • Pour this preparation over the butter and add the chopped parsley leaves.
  • Mix well until you get a smooth texture.
  • Place the butter thus composed on a cling film and shape it into a roll, closing the two ends.

Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, turn the oven on to grill mode (300 ° C, temperature 10).

  • Take out the mixed butter and cut it into slices.
  • Place a slice of butter on each scallop.
  • Bake in a very hot oven. Cook the scallops until they are browned.
  • Then lower the rack and the nuts to the first level and lower the heat of the oven to 180 ° (th.6) for 1 minute.

Enjoy the very hot scallops!

About the Saint-Jacques

The scallop is a mollusk housed in a grooved, fan-shaped shell. It bears this name in honor
pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela who used to attach a valve of this shell to their mantle and their

Wine to accompany the Saint-Jacques

Scallops au gratin with nougat butter

The salty character of Parmesan is mitigated by the nougat, the sweetness of which gives the dish an almost exotic dimension and reinforces the tenderness and smoothness of the shell. St Jacques. Depending on whether you want to go in the direction of this sweet pole or on the contrary to reduce it, two opposing styles of wine will prevail. Thus, wines from Sauvignon grape produced in a northern region, such as Sancerre, will highlight the citrus notes and by their liveliness will reduce the sweetness of the preparation.

On the other hand, a Clairette of Languedoc will support the nougat in terms of aromas, with its lemony notes, as well as that of flavors, with its flexibility and roundness.

Price idea:
-Sancerre 8 to 15 €
-Clairette du Languedoc 5 to 11 €
Maurice Chassin

Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: F. Hamel

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