Spring 2019: garden trends

Spring 2019: garden trends

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The beautiful days arrive and with them, the desire to enjoy the garden, to recharge your batteries in a bucolic, warm ... and unconstrained atmosphere.

Minimum maintenance

Today, the garden is above all a place of relaxation and well-being ... Simplifying it is therefore essential. How? 'Or' What ? By landscaping it with mineral, by installing perennial plants known as "carefree" (this is the 2019 theme of the Chantilly Plant Days), by planting a flowery meadow attracting pollinators ... The easy-going garden is ecological, in short!

Automatic irrigation systems also make it possible both to save water and to free the gardener… The intelligence of nature, on the one hand, and high-tech innovations, on the other, make it possible to give fully in the garden its function "relaxation".

Green, green!

The color green is absolutely essential, whether in the choice of plants or in the decoration, indoors and outdoors. It comes in khaki, mint (the mint shade is one of the 2019 trends), fern… Speaking of fern, remember that it is the plant of the year!

Also highly sought after grasses, the hostas, bamboo, boxwood, Palm trees… The foliage is thus enhanced.

Terracotta and touches of yellow

On the decorative side, the colors are generally very well received in the garden, which harmonizes with your desires and with your interior habitat. This season, accentuate the ocher colors (especially the terracotta which radiates) as well as the touches of yellow, all on a “wood” or anthracite background.

Bohemian decor

Poetic and light, the bohemian decoration creates a sensation and settles down in the garden for a long time: mix natural materials (macrame, wood, rattan, etc.), second-hand goods and DIY creations. The idea is to create a cozy corner that looks like vacationing elsewhere.

For example, choose a hammock, a hanging chair or a garden bed, decorate it with outdoor cushions and rugs, curtains and patterned fabrics (ethnic, floral or graphic). But the star, this year, will be the pallet sofa!

Good deal: offers a kit of special pallet cushions and mattresses for quick and trendy furnishings.

The natural ... and spiritual garden

In 2019, we are also gardening to save the planet: elimination of phytosanitary products, enhancement of auxiliaries, water savings, spontaneous gardens ... And the vegetable garden trend is not weakening since in most urban gardens now grow small fruits, herbs, edible flowers and even some vegetables.

In the same vein, gardening with the moon is once again a major concern. Finally, a new spiritual trend is emerging, like the statues of Buddha and Ganesh that take place in our outdoors. The garden is definitely a place of regeneration.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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