Gardening tools: the essentials

Gardening tools: the essentials

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The small hand tools facilitate the work of the gardener in the flower beds, in the vegetable garden but also for the pots and the balcony planters.

Review of these essentials.

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Lexicon of small hand tools

  • The dibble

With its cone-shaped end, it makes it possible to dig holes in the earth to plant young plants. Impossible to do without it, it is a basic tool for all gardeners, even in the city. For the bulbs, there are "automatic" planters which allow you to take a core of soil.

  • The transplanter

This small trowel is a versatile tool. It is used as well to make planting holes as to break up the earth crust or to fill and mix the substrate for planters and pots.

  • The knife

Multi-purpose, the garden knife is used to prune flowers and thin branches, to take cuttings and cut pieces of string. Its blade can take different shapes (billhook for cuttings for example). There are also weed killers, whose curved blade is designed to dig up the roots of weeds.

  • The hand weeder

Finished with a metal circle, the weeder allows you to slip between the plants of the vegetable patch or flower beds, in order to clean and decompact the soil.

  • The hoe

With its rectangular iron, the hoe can work the soil to aerate it and rid it of weeds.

  • The hand claw

With its three teeth, the claw makes it possible to weed and aerate the surface layer of soil in flower beds.

  • The hand-held serfouette

It's a bit of a two-in-one tool: its blade weeds and its fork loosen and crumble the earth. It also makes it possible to draw furrows. A must have for any gardener!

  • The taproot puller

This funny corkscrew-shaped tool extracts weeds by wrapping around their taproots. A good tool for organic gardening.

  • The asparagus gouge

Thanks to its deep handle, the gouge allows you to dig up asparagus. It can also be used to pull weeds.

The choice of quality

The right tools are tools… that last! When buying, choose quality by focusing on recognized European brands. Robust, well-designed tools are usually not the cheapest, but you will save money over time. If you have to choose just a few, go for a good transplanter, claw, and weed knife.

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