Garden in pots

Garden in pots

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On a terrace or a bacon, it is easy to create a garden in pots in any season, by planting in several planters flowers which will bloom in succession.

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Choice of pot, location and plants

If you have the space, prefer large pots to small ones that dry quickly in hot weather. And prefer earth to metal which protects less from heat and cold. Also pay attention to the location. Pots placed along a wall will have virtually no rainwater and will require more frequent watering.

Graphic plants (grasses, succulents) can be showcased in insulated containers. But in general, your plants will be more decorative if they are grouped together. This grouping will allow create a microclimate, reinforcing protection and ambient humidity. Place the tallest or bushy species in the center, and those with a drooping habit on the sides. See to group together plants that have the same needs : heat, shade ... lily and the impatiens love shade; the turkey carnations and begonias like the sun, as do petunias ; the snapdragons and geraniums are very resistant to bad weather ...

Warning: the slow-release fertilizer contained in the potting soil enough to feed the plants for ten weeks. Then, it will be necessary to make additional contributions with a complete liquid fertilizer.

Cleanliness is health

Planting is nothing if the pots are not clean. No problem with new containers, but if your jars have already lived, clean them thoroughly before putting them back into service.

The wooden containers must be carefully rubbed and treated with a product that is harmless to plants because rotten wood makes the nest of fungal diseases and unwanted bacteria. Even accessories like stakes and tags should be spotless.

Also clean regularly walls and paving around the pots to remove moss and algae. And, of course, the gardener's tools should also be thoroughly cleaned, from the small hoe to the pruning shears (which should be disinfected after each pruning!).

Finally, never reuse the potting soil. Not only he will be impoverished at the end of the season, but it can also contain - and therefore transmit - all kinds of fungi and bacteria.

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