The wireless alarm, a combination of simplicity and modularity

The wireless alarm, a combination of simplicity and modularity

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Looking for an alarm system with rock-solid reliability and adaptable to future developments in the home?

The wireless alarm is one of the most suitable solutions with the added bonus of proven reliability.

Define the needs

To properly secure a main house or a secondary house, you must list your own needs according to the configuration of the premises, taking into account:

  • The surface of the house
  • The number of accesses from the outside (windows, gate, doors and patio doors)
  • The presence of animals
  • The way in which alerts are received (telephone, surveillance company, etc.).

Once this list has been established, it is very easy to choose an alarm system depending on the type and number of modules supplied (opening detectors, movement detectors, remote controls, siren, etc.).

Wireless advantage

When choosing the alarm system, two technologies are possible: the wired alarm or the radio transmission alarm (wireless). In the first case, each module (detectors, siren, etc.) is connected to the control unit by a network of wires embedded (or not) in the walls. An installation which is complicated to implement when the decoration of the rooms is finished… Less restrictive, wireless systems use radio waves to communicate. With these models, the installation is carried out in two stages three movements and comes down to fixing the various elements with almost immediate commissioning. An undeniable advantage in particular for equipping existing accommodation. Because safety is essential, choosing a reputedly reliable brand is a guarantee of peace of mind. This is the case with Atlantic's, a well-known manufacturer that offers a wide selection of ready-to-go Atlantic's home alarm systems.

Communication and modularity

In its offer, Atlantic's offers a range of modular wireless alarm systems: Ateos. Versatile, they are sized to meet current and future needs. In its KitMax version, for example, the user benefits from a control unit equipped with numerous accessories (3 presence detectors, 6 opening detectors, 1 opening detector for garage door, 4 key fob remote controls, 1 siren and batteries). With this system, it is quite possible to associate additional modules (detectors, remote keypad remote controls, etc.).

Among the features offered, GSM and PSTN transmission compatible ADSL is on board as standard. It allows the user to be instantly notified of an event by sending an alert message by SMS, phone call or by notification to a specialized center.

To identify a break-in or an unusual event (low battery, loss of network, etc.), a different signal can be assigned to the movement and intrusion detectors. Note that pet owners can easily install an alarm system. The presence of a pet does not interfere with the operation of the alarm system. This incorporates a device that hides their presence and prevents unwanted alerts. On the management side, simplicity is essential since the Ateos range can be controlled from the control panel's touch screen, but also remotely from a smartphone or tablet using the "Alarm Atlantic's 3.0" application.

Atlantic's Credit

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