Zelkova, the Siberian Elm

Zelkova, the Siberian Elm

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Sometimes called Zelkova, the Siberian elm is a tree valued both for its foliage and for its wood.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Zelkova carpinifolia
Family : Ulmaceae
Type : Tree

: 30 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Obsolete
Flowering : April

Siberian elm plantation

Siberian elm or zelkova can be planted either in the fall or in the spring.

As it grows relatively slowly, it will take many years to reach full adult size.

  1. Follow our advice tree planting
  2. TheZelkova grows very well in bonsai

Size of Siberian elm

No size is really essential in the zelkova.

If you want to prune or reduce the branches, preferably choose the period of vegetative rest, in autumn or at the end of winter.

Remove dead wood as you go and any intersecting branches.

Things to know about Siberian elm

Here is a picture of a pretty zelkova cut into bonsai:

Also called Caucasian elm, this very beautiful tree with a majestic appearance when it reaches its adult size, is native to the Caucasus.

It is easy to maintain and will amaze you in the fall when it is adorned with bright golden yellow or orange colors.

Indeed, its deciduous foliage takes on sumptuous hues in the fall but is no less pretty the rest of the year with its long crenellated leaves.

Its hard and elastic wood has long been used in cabinetmaking, for shipbuilding but also in leisure activities with the manufacture of baseball bats but also that of rifle butts.

History of the Siberian elm:

It was André Michaux, renowned botanist, then on a mission in Persia who introduced theZelkova or Siberian elm in 1785. He brought back seeds as well as young plants whose "descendants" are still found in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

Smart tip about Siberian elm

During the first years, mulch the foot of the tree in summer to maintain humidity.

© photo: Antonio Scarpi

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