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Cream of green beans

Cream of green beans

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The velouté of green beans is an original way to cook beans, both simple and tasty.

Ideal as a starter, it can also be served as a light meal.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 300 g of green beans
  • 1 onion
  • 50 cl of chicken broth
  • 15 cl of sour cream
  • 1 bunch of chive
  • Salt pepper

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Green bean velouté recipe:

In fall, winter or spring, treat yourself to this velouté of green beans, ideal as a starter or as a main course for a light meal.

  • Start by hulling then washing the green beans
  • Peel and mince the onion
  • Heat the olive oil and 1 knob of butter in a saucepan
  • Brown the chopped onion for a few minutes
  • Add the green beans and stir for a few moments
  • Pour in the chicken broth
  • Add the chives but keep a few sprigs for decoration
  • Cover and cook over low heat for 25 minutes

Once the beans are cooked but still slightly crunchy,

  • Mix everything with a blender
  • Add the sour cream
  • Salt, pepper

The velvety must have a certain consistency, which is why you should not hesitate to adapt the amount of broth and sour cream in order to get the best results.

Serve immediately with a few sprigs of chives as a decoration.

Enjoy your meal !

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