Santoline: size, maintenance, use

Santoline: size, maintenance, use

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Santolina is a Mediterranean plant with interesting evergreen foliage.

Sometimes called small cypress, it also offers a pretty flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Santolina
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Shrub, sub-shrub

: 50/60 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent
Flowering : June to August

Planting santolina

Santolina is cultivated equally well in rocky land, poor or arid but also in pot, container or planter to adorn a terrace.

  • Preferably plant in autumn but a plantation in spring is also possible.
  • Choose a sunny spot
  • Santolina tolerates partial shade in areas with a fairly hot climate
  • Follow our planting tips.

Size, care of the santolina

The santolina claims very little care and maintenance because it is a very easy plant to grow.

So you could not take care of it but a few gestures can make it even more beautiful.

  • Prune right after flowering or at the end of winter if it is mild in your area
  • Give it the rounded shape that characterizes Santoline.
  • In pots it is necessary to water when the soil is completely dry in depth but in a limited way

To know about santolina

Often used in constitution of a rock garden, on the edge or along an alley, the Santoline offers a beautiful summer flowering.

This sub-shrub, particularly melliferous, is easy to grow and requires little maintenance.

Its flower, which appears in summer, is discreet but very interesting, especially if you want to make pretty bouquets of dried flowers.

In medicine, we use our oil as vermifuge and its flower like stimulating when prepared as a tea.

Smart tip about santolina, little cypress

Santolina is a natural and effective anti-moth, you just have to make small bouquets, dry them and place them in your cupboards.

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