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A year of jams

A year of jams

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Françoise and it is by reading your questions on the forum that I wanted to share my know-how with you and offer you recipes that are a little out of the ordinary.

I will listen to you on the forum to give you the advice you are looking for to make a good jam. It was my job for several years. I gave jam lessons.

Each jam is a little treat in a jar.

What could be nicer than to see your jars filled with jam made with love and passion! You just have to stick a nice label and hide the cover with a nice square of fabric or gift paper, a piece of raffia and what a look!

Each jam is a little treat in a jar.

I invite you to mix fruits, spices, dried fruits, honey, alcohol, wine.

I still keep my way of cooking the fruit, which means that I work it on my own first. Then I add the acidity and pectin to it if it runs out. The sugar is added at the end of cooking,

he is there to preserve and not to make the jam.

Tip of the month

If I want a jam of good consistency, I provide 4 grams of agar-agar available in sachets in coop-bio, mixed with a little sugar that I add after the white wine. If you have chosen the right fruits, your jam will take well. Never forget a few less ripe fruits per kilogram of ripe fruit. This will help the good take of your jams by providing pectin.

You can also get branched agar-agar in Asian stores, I'll tell you about it in a future recipe.

Embalming the kitchen, creating new flavors, making jams has become a gourmet pleasure.

At home, the fruit makes the jam

This book invites you to concoct jams all year round, month by month with seasonal and garden fruits and make your first chutneys. This will not prevent you from giving free rein to your imagination.

I give you my know-how of 30 years of passion. This book is intended for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike.

I will also reveal the recipes that earned me the first prizes at the Fête des Confitures at Chapelle-des-Fougeretz (35) in 2002 and 2004.

You can contact me by email to order the book “Une année de confitures”, email address: [email protected]

Price of the book: 14 € + postage 2 €.

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