Trefoil spotted: a creeping perennial

Trefoil spotted: a creeping perennial

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The trefoil or lotus maculatus is a very original creeping perennial, here are some tips for a beautiful long-lasting flowering.

Last name : Lotus maculatus
: Fabaceae
: Creeping perennials

Height : 50-60 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : April to September

Plantation of spotted trefoil

Sowing in place in spring.
Purchased in a bucket, the plant goes into the ground from May.

  • The spotted trefoil loves the sun
  • Trefoil likes well-drained soils

Size of spotted trefoil

Cut the stem under the wilted flower.

Water regularly but without excess. In pots, wait until the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.

To know about the spotted trefoil

The trefoil is creeping and its orange-red flowers bring it a lot of warmth and liveliness.

In border, in suspension or even in massif, you will be allured by this original perennial.

Smart tip about spotted trefoil

Repotting after flowering will stimulate plant growth.

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